Growers` Contribution to Green Energy

At Verbio we see ourselves as innovators with a strong focus on our sustainable business model. We strive to offer green solutions made with renewable resources. Our team works diligently to secure the feedstock for our bioproducts from local growers, providing them with an additional income stream for their business. Shaping the world’s transition to a zero carbon economy defines our spirit. Together, we build the path to securing energy supply, and contribute to global climate protection.

Corn Stover

Corn stover is the feedstock we use to create renewable natural gas (RNG). Verbio Agriculture works closely with local growers within a 30- to 50-mile radius of Nevada, Iowa.


Verbio is taking the next step of their strategic plan. In addition to the biomethane produced, Verbio progresses towards the production of ethanol. In this second phase, we purchase corn as the feedstock from our local growers surrounding our biorefinery facilities.