Corn stover

Corn stover is the feedstock we use to create renewable natural gas (RNG). Verbio Agriculture works closely with local growers within a 30- to 50-mile radius of Nevada, Iowa. We help improve crop yield by clearing the agricultural residues off farmers’ fields and secure the corn stover as the feedstock for our cellulosic renewable natural gas production. Our team chops, bales, and hauls corn stover off growers` fields, stores the bales onsite at our plant, and then they are used in our RNG production process.

Our process

Verbio aims to be a strong partner with local growers offering a significant opportunity. Here is how it works:

When a local grower within a 30- to 50-mile radius of Nevada, Iowa, is ready to secure acres with Verbio for after the harvest season, a member of our agronomy team will be your point of contact. The sales person will get the name of the field, the number of acres and develop a contract for the grower to sign.

Once the contract is secured, growers will be asked for maps of their contracted fields, field driveway preferences, bales stacking location preferences and any notes the farmer wants to share about their field will be secured and put into our system.

Once a farmer has completed harvest in a field under contract with Verbio, the farmer notifies his or her agronomy team member, and that field is released in our system.

The Verbio team will then be dispatched to fields to chop, bale, accumulate and stack bales on the released field.

Verbio uses its own team of workers to chop, bale, stack and haul the bales to the plant. Occasionally, a third party will be brought in to help with the task of securing bales from over 60,000 acres in a short amount of time. Verbio is proud of the work our team does from sun up to sun down after harvest and hopefully before the snow.

Once bales are stacked at the edge of the field, a telehandler and our flat bed trucks will be onsite to haul the fresh bales to our plant in Nevada for use.

Once bales have been collected and are in plant storage, the bale count is released and the farmer will be mailed a check or ACH payment for their bales harvested.

Sign up

Verbio is proud to partner with local growers to contribute to climate protection, and to be an additional revenue source for farmers. If you are interested in contracting acres with Verbio, contact any member of our agronomy team for next steps in our stover collection process or fill out the contact form below.

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