Stover Humus

Following the production of renewable natural gas, we are left with a co-product known as humus. It is similar in appearance to peat moss or compost. Stover humus is highly valued as a soil amendment to replace the agronomic value of the feedstock which was harvested. Humus is the black part of soil and is a combination of organic and inorganic material that acts as the kitchen pantry for the plant. It is what supports the biological life, water holding capacity and resiliency of the soil. Having soil with good humic content and good soil biology will help roots multiply and the plant will be supported to reach its genetic potential. 

What are the benefits of applying stover humus to soil?

  • Humus will help to increase soil organic matter
  • It will improve soil aggregation (more solid ground for the plant to root)
  • Improve drainage
  • Improve water holding capacity
  • Improve soil fertility
  • Increase soil nutrient reserves

Applying stover humus in an active growing environment can help increase the soil biology and increase nutrient availability to the plant, and should help increase yields. It’s a general soil amendment to help the soil rehabilitate itself and regenerate its productive properties. Humus has no offensive odors, has incredible water holding capacity due to high concentration of lignin, and can be land applied in solid form using a typical manure spreader.

Coming soon – Ethanol Humus and Liquid Fertilizers

With the start of ethanol production at our Nevada, Iowa plant coming up later in 2023, we will be able to offer an additional type of humus and two premium liquid fertilizer products.

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